How to Transfer your wordpress website to new webserver

How to Transfer your wordpress website to new webserver

If you are planning for changing your web hosting service provider but worried how to migrate your websites to other hosting server than here is the answer for your query. It is very simple to migrate from on server to other. You have to follow these steps and you will have your blog on your new webserver.

  1. Create zip file of your public web directory (where you have files of your website) for your website on current web server. This file will include all your themes, plugins and images.
  2. Download zip file from server to your personal computer.
  3. Export your database using phpadmin which is available under your database tab on your hosting account. Also note down the database names and passwords it will required for creating new databases on new web server.
  4. Now upload zip file using  File Manager  (that will be your public or root directory) than unzip it where you want to install your wordpress blog or website.
  5. Create new databases on  your new server name it same as previous one. Keep the username and password same as last one.
  6. Import your  sql file  to newly created database on new hosting account.
  7. Now check the config.php file for username , password and servername.
  8. Its time to change you DNS setting on your domain registrar account to your new web hosting provider. Once you have done this it may take 2 to 24 hrs to propagate this change around the world.

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