Here is my first post on my blog. I am going to write what ever will come to my mind. Its now 2:00 am 04-09-2012. I am trying to bring my blog on kumbh mela to first page of google search for keyword “kumbh Mela”. When I created this website in Feb 2012 it might be on 3rd page but after some time my this website was hacked and it was infected with malware’s hence google punished my  website. At that time i was not writing on Maha Kumbh Festival (MKF in short)  so I never checked its status once in April  or May I visited and found that it is no more active and on google search it is coming after 10 pages.  In April – May I was having my exams so no work on MKF after july I planned to bring back MKF to first page by doing some Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After two weeks or more I got some success not what I want. it is better than previous as of now google is  showing MKF on an average on  4th page but I hope I may bring it to better position may be on the first page within two or three months. This only possible when my friends will help me.

That is the reason of not sleeping on time. But this gives me a topic to write my first post on my personal blog.

My Next post will be on How much money  top brands of India spending on facebook ads.




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