What Can You Expect From The Android Watches Of 2015?

Picking the right Android watch to suit your needs is a pretty complicated affair, especially when you want to pick one on the cutting edge of smart watch tech.

So what developments in Android watches have we seen over the past months of 2015, and what can we expect further down the line until the end of the year? Here are some of the more notable ones to take note of:

More Robust User Interfaces              

Google is coming up with its own platform for smart wearables – Android Wear – and manufacturers are doing pretty well with forked (aka customized) versions of Android Lollipop.

2013 and 2014 have taught both Google and Android watch manufacturers many lessons on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the user interface.Voice controls have become standard, while swipes and taps are being refined into tight scrolls and contextual cards. In short, Android watches are becoming easier and easier to use with the passage of time.

These lessons are already being addressed with many of the second-generation and third-generation Android wearables out in the market, and are being refined further as the third and fourth generation models are in the works.


Smaller, Sleeker Designs

Miniaturization is an essential part of technological development, and Android wrist watches are no exception.

As manufacturers become better at shrinking down the tech inside a smart watch, they are free to slim down the wearables into more attractive and manageable forms. True, the current crop of high-spec Android phone watches are still bulky, but the companion watches are already small enough to conform to the sleeker and sexier forms of traditional wrist watches.

This bodes well for fashion-conscious technophiles. Given enough time, we will eventually see an Android watch so slim that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and your average wrist watch.

Expanded Battery Space

Another great benefit of miniaturization is how users are able to squeeze so much more juice out of their devices.

Android watches eat up a lot of power when they’re actively being used. Sure, the previous generations could last for about a day on standby mode. But once you turn on their screens and start working with them, especially where Internet access is concerned, that day shrinks down to just three to four hours.

The current crop of watches, however, are trading the 200 to 300mAh batteries for 350 to 450mAh batteries – enough to use the watch for around two days.  That increase in battery life is a big deal when it comes to usability.

Higher Adoption Rates For Google Wallet

And last but not the least, more and more Android watches are starting to adopt NFC payments using Google Wallet.

The technology has been there for some time now – as far back as 2011 – but both consumers and retailers have been reluctant to fully embrace it. After Apple announced Apple Pay though, interest from various sectors piqued up. People started realizing that Google Wallet actually exists, and are exploring what was once a niche in Google’s arsenal of tech-related services.

This is nothing but good news for those with Android watches strapped on their wrists, as it makes use of the virtual wallet it was capable of utilizing for quite some time now.

Keep all these in mind, and you’ll be armed with the information you need to better understand what Android watches have to offer this 2015!

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Windows 7 installation problem :setup was unable to create a new system partition

For answer to this error: “setup was unable to create a new system partition or …” please see this paragraph

Many of us face this problem when we try to install windows 7 on our system. Today I try to format my existing windows 7 operating system  (OS) which was working fine but I was getting some error while working on eclipse for developing  android apps. I googled for solving eclipse problem but unable to get any solution  than I thought I will move to ubuntu which was installed on my system and I use for completing  on my college assignments. When I tried to login on ubuntu I found that I forget my password. I know how to remove password without knowing it (hacking trick I will Share it later), but i preferred to clean my Laptop and install fresh OS copies of win 7 and ubuntu.

Now i got this error “setup was unable to create a new system partition or ……” when i tried to install windows 7 using Bootable USB pen drive as my CD rom was not working. I start well showing me all screens but When I tried to select hard disk partition 0, which contains previous windows 7 copy than it gave me this error “setup was unable to create a new system partition” I search on google and there were many answers like clean your hard disk using command prompt using shift +F10 key and executing some commands like diskpart and clean all etc…by using these methods I may lost my data which I don’t want. but non of them worked for me than i search more pages on installation error and I come to know that If you are having two different hard disks and these hard disks contains any other OS than  you may get this error but On my laptop I have only one disk than why I ma getting this error. Answer for this question is that pendrive is also a hard disk and it contains windows 7 which is booting my system.   what works for me is this.

Solution to this error “setup was unable to create a new system partition”

If your are using Bootable pen drive than it may cause this error so what I did after windows loads its all file I removed pen drive and than follow the other instructions on the screen. It helps me do get this screen on my laptop after fighting for 3 hours. Please comment if this method works for you.  After installation please update your windows for better security.

Windows 7 L ogin Screen

How to Protect Personal Computer from hackers.

How Hacker will Attack you PC?

Physical access to your PC.

If  hacker have physical access to your pc than without knowing your password he can access your  personal computer (PC).  It is very easy to access any windows PC’s. How they  break your password is simple all they use are some tools which run Brute Force attack. In this attack they try all the possible passwords and if they are lucky than they will have your secret password. They don’t do it manually but uses some software’s which are freely available on internet.

Understand the working of  your PC.

When you switch on PC it start loading your operating system (OS). There is a section on hard disk known as boot loader where address  your OS is saved after that your OS is loaded to memory (RAM ) and other processes in OS started after loading. Now you will see a screen with your user name when you enter your password here windows check it with the password stored in your system. This password is stored at following location.


SAM (Security Account Manager) file. In this file your data is stored in Hexadecimal format which is called hashes which mean your password is converted into a hash value or we can say that it is encrypted but here we can not decrypt it because it is a hash value. What your OS does is when you enter password it convert that into a hash value and compare it with hash value stored in SAM File.

Windows 7 L ogin Screen

What hackers Do?

They run a software to try all the possible passwords. If your password is weak(simple string of alphabets like “andhfhfka” or “adfjjdf” ) than they will crack it very quickly.

Which software’s they use for attacking  your system. Here are few names.

  • OPH Crack
  • Kon Boot
  • Offline Pwasspowd Cracker
  • Hiren Multi Boot Disk.

What is Solution

Use strong password it means your password should contain lower case, upper case at least one number, one special character (@#&*!)  and should be at least 8 character long  for example “pAssworD*8”  this will make any software too difficult to try brute force  attack on your system. Don’t allow people access your system whom you don’t know.

Back Door Entry into your System.

This attack is only possible when some one had access to your PC before and he modified some settings in your system and created a back door like using syskey feature of windows (pressing shift key 5 times).